About Within Radius

Small scale producers

We are small scale farmers who create artisan products from what we grow. Our flagship product is, undoubtedly, our turmeric which we sell fresh during harvest (July to October) and dried throughout the year.  We also grow herbs which are sold fresh and dried at local markets or made into herbal teas.

As artisan producers we rely heavily on the quality of our food, not the quantity, to bring customers back time and again.

Our fresh and dried herbs, and our herbal teas are available at the Maitland Slow Food Earth Market.

Street food vendors

When we are not growing our turmeric and herbs, we are selling street food at local events and markets. At the core of our winter street food menu is a gourmet sausage sizzle. But as the seasons change and different produce becomes available we extend our menu to include other items.

Our street food follows our philosophical belief in using local, seasonal produce that is farmed sustainably (usually by ourselves or other small scale farmers). Through our food cart, we provide a “farm gate to dinner plate” experience. Because our food is sourced from within a small radius it means we help support local producers, rely heavily on seasonal produce and reduce the food miles (or in our case food kilometres) associated with the food we eat.

At Within Radius we believe food does not have to “cost the earth”. This is why we source directly from organic growers (wherever possible) and farmers who respect the environment, are passionate about what they do and understand sustainable farming.

Our street food is available at a range of venues and events. The location varies due to the demands placed on us by our farming and the seasons.