Citrus Dust

At the end of citrus season we use any excess produce to create a unique product called citrus dust. Currently we have three flavours – grapefruit, lime and orange.

Citrus dust can be used to rim cocktail glasses, sprinkled on meringue before it is baked, on a creme brûlée before you add your sugar and caramelise it, or in the base of cheesecakes.

You can also mix the dust with other spices to make a rub for baked duck.

Here are a few ideas:
grapefruit citrus dust – use to rim a cocktail glass (instead of salt), use a small amount to balance out the sugar in really sweet dishes
orange citrus dust – add cinnamon or nutmeg and other spices to create a rub for duck, sprinkle a little into the base of your cheesecake before baking it
lime citrus dust – use as per both the grapefruit and orange citrus dust.

Citrus dust is a highly concentrated product. Start with only a little and work your way up. You are limited only by your imagination.

Let us know how you used your citrus dust. Drop us an email.