Citrus Dust

Citrus dust is simply citrus fruit that has sliced, dried in our commercial dehydrators and ground to a spice. In other words, it is pure citrus fruit.

Our citrus dust comes in three flavours – grapefruit, lime and orange. Availability varies throughout the year so we may not always have all the flavours in stock.

Ways in which you can use citrus dust is limited only by your imagination.

Ways of Using Citrus Dust

Here are a few ideas:
grapefruit citrus dust – use to rim a cocktail glass (instead of salt) – wonderful with margaritas, use a small amount to balance out the sweetness of meringue by shrinking a little on the meringue before baking or browning off
orange citrus dust – combine orange citrus dust with cinnamon or nutmeg and other spices to create a rub for duck, add to orange sauce for duck dishes, add as a flavouring for shortbread, add to muffins, combine orange citrus dust and cinnamon and add to your cheesecake base before baking
lime citrus dust – use as per both the grapefruit and orange citrus dust.

Citrus dust is a highly concentrated product. Start with only a little and work your way up. You are limited only by your imagination.

Let us know how you used your citrus dust. Drop us an email.