Golden Paste

Our Golden Paste is made from fresh allepy turmeric, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon and cardamom.

Use for:
golden lattes (1 teaspoon paste to 250ml milk of your choice – almond milk, cows milk, rice milk, etc.)
chicken or fish rub (rub directly onto the chicken or fish, refrigerate for up to 2 hours before cooking)
yellow curries (see below).

Yellow curry (instructions)
Peel, cube and cook some potatoes. Sauté chopped onion until softened, add some fennel seeds, cumin seeds and garlic and sauté a little longer (approx 3 minutes). Add the golden paste (using one teaspoon of paste for each serve of curry). Add spinach and the cooked potatoes and stir. You can add a little water to stop the bottom of the pan from sticking (if necessary). For a wonderful Thai-style curry, add coconut cream.

Keeping your golden paste

Your golden paste does not contain any preservatives (no salt, sugar or vinegar) and it certainly does not contain any industrial preservatives. After opening the jar, the paste will keep for at least one week in the fridge and, in some cases, may keep for up to two weeks. The reason for the broad guideline is because temperatures  vary significantly in each fridge (depending on the temperature setting of your fridge, the length and frequency with which the door is opened and so on). These are natural variations from household to household.

To keep your paste for a longer period after it is opened, line a shallow dish with baking paper. Spoon the paste into the dish in teaspoon portions. Place the dish in the freezer. You now have portion-controlled golden paste that can be used straight from the freezer if you are making a latte or a curry.

The baking paper allows you to to easily remove each portion as you need it (by the way, you can also do this with tomato paste).