Herbal Teas

Our herbal teas are made from the best ingredients with no added sugars or flavourings. More than 95% of the contents of our tea is grown by us which means we know the origins of every ingredient used in our herbal teas.

Our teas change with the seasons and availability of produce. We grow and pick all year round and pick certain times of the day to ensure the end product is vibrant, aromatic and of the highest quality.

Ginger Bloom (we grow a small amount of ginger each year)

Made from full slices of ginger, this tea does not need an infuser. The ginger and also be ground to a spice in a  blender (with other herbs) to make a rub or reconstituted (just add a bit of water) and used for cooking.


Undoubtedly our best seller, we grow and pick peppermint all year round. We dry only the leaf. With such a pure product, you should remove the infuser from the cup once is reaches the desired strength. It is possible to over steep peppermint tea. Each infuser will provide up to 3 cups of tea.

Turmeric Medley

As turmeric growers we were bound to create a turmeric tea. Made with turmeric, lemon, ginger and a little apple for sweetness, this is a great winter warmer. It also makes a lovely iced tea. Add a touch of honey to sweeten it if that is what your palate desires.

Triple lemon

We grow a small amount of citrus each year. We add lemons to our lemon verbena and lemon grass to make a triple lemon tea. If lemon is your thing, this is definitely for you!

Triple lemon and lime

This is the same recipe as our triple lemon tea but with a bit of extra zing from our limes.