Herbs and Spices

Fresh Herbs – With a Difference

Our fresh herbs are grown organically. They are washed before being taken to market and are sold in 100% biodegradable packaging (made from cornstarch by Vegware). Our herbs are significantly cheaper (and substantially fresher) than those found at major supermarkets and have a longer shelf life. We pick the morning of each market so the herbs are picked, washed, packaged and sold the same day.

Dried Herbs

We grow, harvest, wash, dry and package our own herbs which means we control the end-to-end process. As small-scale, artisan producers we use manual processes to ensures the highest quality output. It takes time, effort and attention to detail – but it is worth it. We dry only our excess fresh produce which means we are drying our herbs continually throughout the year.

At Within Radius we pride ourselves in our drying techniques. We pick at specific times of the day (depending on what we are harvesting) and minimise the time between picking and drying to ensure a vibrant product that retains its colour, is highly aromatic and is packed full of flavour when they reach the consumer (everything you want your herbs to be). So don’t leave them as a “pantry ornament”.


Our range of spices include dry curry leaves, lemon myrtle.

We also grind some of our herbs to a spice. These include:

  • Rosemary dust (pure dried rosemary ground to a spice)
  • Citrus dust (citrus slices dried and ground to a dust)
  • Roast rub (made from rosemary, sage and lemon verbena – fantastic for lamb, potatoes and any baking)
  • Curry leaf powder

Our prices compared to supermarkets

The price of our fresh herbs is on par with the larger supermarkets. We are able to compete on price with supermarket brands because we do not have to pay for shipping costs (sometimes half way around the world). We have not have to pay a third party to process our herbs and we have not had to pay for prime position on  supermarket shelves. Instead, we put all our effort into our labour so we can create the best possible product.