Our Philosophy

There are two distinct arms to our business:
growing (and drying) herbs, specialty teas and turmeric
and cooking up a storm in our food cart at markets and events.

It would be no surprise then that we use many of our own organically grown herbs in our street food. But of course “man does not live by herbs alone” which means we have to find suppliers who can provide the bulk of our raw ingredients for our street food. In sourcing our ingredients we take particular care to source fresh, local, seasonal produce wherever we can.

We believe that sourcing fresh, local, seasonal produce:
results maximum nutrition
impacts the environment by ensuring minimum food miles (leaving a lower carbon footprint)
and benefits for local communities by supporting local farmers and producers.

For this reason, our market stall relies on purchasing from small-scale famers in the area where we cook and sell our food.

This also allows us to connect with the growers, understand their practises and showcase their produce.

It also means our menu changes regularly (although our gourmet sausage sizzle is at the core of our street food).