Turmeric – Pickled (lge)


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Ingredients: Turmeric (allepy and madras), honey, apple cider vinegar, lemon, ginger, cloves, garlic, chilli, cardamon, peppercorns. (GF)

Details: Our turmeric is fermented and then pickled in a half honey, half apple cider vinegar. We add chillies, lemon zest and ginger (all grown but us) and a number of spices. The end result is a pop of sweet (from the honey), sour (from the vinegar) and bitter (from the turmeric) plus a little heat from the chilli and ginger.

Uses: Chop the turmeric like you would ginger and garlic and add to any dishes (stir fry, soups, casseroles, slow cooked dishes). Our pickled turmeric can also be eaten raw (some customers have a piece each morning). It can be chopped and added to salads or salad dressings. Serve on the side of a cheese plate (you are limited only by your imagination).

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Weight 415 g
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 10 cm