Specialty Teas

We produce only a limited amount of tea each year and it is usually sold out within weeks. We do not use flavourings or sugar in our teas. They are not irradiated (herbal infusions, herbs and spices imported into Australia are irradiated for both quarantine and non-quarantine reasons).

Peppermint tea

This is our most popular tea. Made from only the leaf of the peppermint, the intoxicating aroma of the peppermint is wonderful. The herb is picked at a particular time of day (when conditions are best). It is washed and dried that day to ensure the highest standard.

For our peppermint the we recommend using a cup with a removable infuser or strainer so the strength of the tea can be moderated and the leaves used for several cups of tea. Add a twist of lime or lemon. On those hot days simply make a jug of peppermint tea and put it in the fridge. Pour a glass and add ice whenever you want a cold drink.

Triple lemon tea

Our triple lemon tea is made from our own lemons, lemon verbena and lemongrass. This is not a sweet tea and a dash of honey can be added. 

Turmeric tea

Our turmeric tea is made from turmeric and dried lemons. Turmeric is a naturally bitter product and we find this tea needs a little honey.