Turmeric for Your Pets

Due to high demand we have started to process turmeric for pets. Our pet turmeric:

is organically grow
comes from the same crop as our high-end product (that is sold for human consumption)
is different in that it has not had the husk removed during processing (which makes a small difference to the colouring and texture)
is a little coarser than our high-end turmeric.

Our turmeric is a  wonderful product that can be added to your pet’s food dry (see Using Turmeric Powder) or as a gravy/paste (see Using Turmeric Gravy).

To order

Our turmeric is available:
online using our order form
at the Maitland Earth Market every first and third Thursday of the month
at the Newcastle Farmer’s Market
from our shop (by appointment).

Turmeric may not be suitable for all animals. We encourage you to check as many research sources as possible regarding this topic before feeding this to animals in your care. Turmeric has been found to be most effective when it is added to black pepper and a healthy fat or oil (as per the recipe below).

Using Turmeric Powder

Turmeric is not water soluble (so it can’t simply be added to water). Turmeric is fat soluble so it can be mixed in with wet food. Alternatively you can make a turmeric gravy (see below).

Using Turmeric Gravy

Add up to 1 tsp* of turmeric powder to 1/3 cup boiled water. Allow to cool for a few minutes. Add 1/4 tsp freshly cracked pepper and 1 tblsp of quality oil (e.g. olive oil). Add the gravy to your pet’s food bowl and let it soak in and cool sufficiently.
*The amount of turmeric will vary according to the size if the pet.

How Much Turmeric Should I Give my Pet?

While we produce a wonderful product, we are not veterinarians and cannot provide guidance on this. There is some excellent information on the Turmeric Australia site.