Turmeric Recipes

Turmeric recipes are available on the internet (they abound). However, there are two things that I thought I would share with you – our Turmeric Rice recipe (which is my most favourite thing in the world) and our Golden Latte recipe.

Turmeric Rice

Use any type of rice (I like medium grain brown rice). Check the rice packet for cooking times and liquid-to-rice ratios. They all vary! You want a correct liquid-to-rice ratio so you are not pouring liquid off the rice at the end of the cooking process.

1/2 tbsp Within Radius madras turmeric (if you use the allepy turmeric, use a little less)
1/2 tsp ground black pepper
1 small (or 1/2 a large) onion diced (red or brown) – or 1 leek finely slice
2 cloves garlic (crushed or finely diced)
2 sticks of celery (diced) – or 1/2 green capsicum
oil (for frying above)
1 cup rice
liquid to suit the 1 cup rice (see the rice packet for liquid/rice ratio). Remember, the goal is to cook the rice without having to drain off any liquid. I use homemade chicken stock but you can use water if you want a vegetarian/vegan dish
salt (and additional pepper if required) to taste.
Gently saute celery (or capsicum) and onion (or leek) in oil for a 3 to 5 minutes.
Add garlic and continue to saute gently (don’t burn the garlic).
Add the rice (stir a little to coat the rice in oil).
Add salt, pepper and turmeric and stir to coat the rice.
Add stock and bring to the boil.
Reduce and simmer until cooked (see rice packet for cooking time).

Note: I like to remove the rice from the heat for the last 10 minutes of cooking time and allow complete absorption of the liquid to occur (this also reduces the risk of the bottom of the pan drying out).

A few tips and tricks:
You can add other flavours if you like. The onion, garlic and celery are just a base to work with. 
Serve the rice with a curry but always make extra.
If you make extra, any leftover rice can be used as the base for a Middle Eastern salad the next day.

To make a Middle Eastern salad with the leftover rise, add some sultanas or raisins to the rice and warm them (ever so slightly) in the microwave just to take the cold edge off the rice. Now add chopped tomatoes (usually deseeded), a lot of chopped fresh herbs (basil, dill, mint, parsley) and then ad some nuts (pine nuts or slivered almonds). Those fresh herbs will be packed full of trace minerals and elements and you will have a healthy, filling lunch!

Golden Latte

1 tsp golden paste
1 cup milk (rice, almond, soy, cows milk)
1 tsp of honey (optional)
Heat the milk (you can use a microwave).
Add the teaspoon of golden paste and stir until dissolved
Strain the milk mixture if required (the golden paste contains small grains of turmeric)
Add honey (optional)