Turmeric – a gift of gold

We grow, harvest, process and package turmeric right here in the Hunter Valley. From planting to packaging, the product never leaves our sight.

Our turmeric is grown organically in the Hunter Valley. Please be aware that we are not certified organic growers but we do guarantee our turmeric is grown free from chemical pesticides and insecticides. When we process our turmeric into a dried spice it remains in its purest form.

To maintain the integrity of our produce we process to the highest possible standards. We do not add weight to our product with lead oxides (as has been found in US tests). Nor do we add metanil yellow colouring to pad out our product. Our goal is to preserve the taste, purity, quality and health benefits of this natural wonder food. Please note: we do not sell turmeric as a medicinal product.

Fresh turmeric

Turmeric is an annual crop, ready for harvesting around late July / early August. This means our turmeric is available fresh as early as late July through to October if we have an extended season. Fresh turmeric should be plump (not shrivelled), there should have very little “give” in the rhizome and it should make a really crisp snapping noise when the rhizome is broken. Fresh turmeric that is available between late November and late June is likely to be imported or has been stored for an extended period of time.

Dried turmeric

Our dried turmeric is our flagship product. It is of the highest quality and is completely pure.

Dried turmeric

Washed allepy turmeric

Cured turmeric

Cured allepy turmeric

Dried turmeric

Dried allepy turmeric

Our turmeric is free from additives such as metanil yellow colouring (a principal non-permitted food colour that can result in neurotoxicity in both developing and adult brains if consumed over a long period. It is used extensively in some countries but is illegal in Australia).

We do not re-spray our dried turmeric to enhance its colour.

We do not add lead or lead-ladden dyes to add weight to the end product.

We grow and dry a limited amount each year so we can maintain control over the quality of the end product. We pride ourselves on the fact that our turmeric contains nothing but turmeric.

Our turmeric is dried within 2 or 3 days of harvest. This short time between harvest and the final product is minimal, ensuring a high-end, fragrant and vibrant product.

ALL herbs, spices and herbal infusions that are imported into Australia are irradiated. Our turmeric is NOT! While there is no scientific evidence to show irradiated food is harmful, we prefer to do as little as possible to our product that is outside the natural drying process. If you would like information on irradiated food please see the Government website.

Types of turmeric

Biodiversity is the key to prolonged agriculture. Without it we are more susceptible to broad-scale disease and pest events. For this reason we grow three types of turmeric.

We grow:
Madras: this is a lighter yellow, milder in flavour and best suited to mustard paste and curry powder/paste. It has a lower curcumin content than allepy turmeric.
Allepy: this is a darker colour (closer to ochre in colour) and has a stronger, eartheir flavour and is preferred by US markets where it is used as a spice and food colourant. It has a higher curcumin content than madras turmeric.
Cape York turmeric: This is our very own Cape York Lily (or Curcuma Australasica) and is a native plant.

Gift packs

Each year we create two boxed gift sets:
Rainbow of Gold pack (contains a 75g bottle of allepy turmeric, a 75g bottle of madras turmeric and a 75g bottle of Cape York turmeric).
Twin Pack of Gold pack (a 75g bottle of allepy turmeric and a 75g bottle of madras turmeric).

The gift packs are available from November each year but, due to limited production, they are usually sold out by the end of January. Pre-ordering is possible but please be aware that the number of gift packs are limited.

Our pricing

We believe everyone deserves the right to good food and that quality products such as ours should not be the “domain of the wealthy”. With this in mind we choose to price our product at a little above supermarket rates which means the product is still affordable for the general public.