Turmeric – A Gift of Gold

We process the highest quality turmeric right here in the Hunter Valley. Our turmeric is grown organically,  free from chemical pesticides and insecticides. When we process the turmeric into a dried spice it remains in its purest form and is highly concentrated (it takes between six and seven kilograms of fresh turmeric to make one kilogram of dried spice).

To maintain the integrity of our produce we process to the highest possible standards. Our goal is to preserve the taste, purity, quality and health benefits of this natural wonder food. Please note: we do not sell turmeric as a medicinal product. Nor do we make any medicinal claims about it.

Fresh Turmeric

100g bags of fresh turmeric grown and sold by Within Radius
Our packaging is made from 100% biodegradable cornstarch

Turmeric is an annual crop, ready for harvesting in Australia around mid to late July. This means our turmeric is available fresh from July through to October. These months can vary a little if we have an early or late harvest (we are just doing whatever mother nature tells us). Fresh turmeric should be plump (not shrivelled), there should be very little “give” in the rhizome. When you bend it, it should make a really crisp snapping noise when the rhizome is broken. It may even spurt out a tiny bit of liquid if it is nice and plump (a bit like a lemon rind when you bend it). 

Fresh turmeric that is available between late November and the following June is likely to be imported or has been stored for an extended period of time. We have seen fresh turmeric in “certified organic” food shops when it is out of season which means it has either been in storage for some time or has been imported. Much of our imported food is irradiated which makes me wonder about what we are buying in organic food shops during the off-season.

Fresh turmeric is a very bitter product. It is not said to be “not as digestible” in a raw form (we cannot confirm or refute this). Despite this, we do use a small amount of raw turmeric in our juices. 

Allepy and Madras turmeric
Allepy and Madras turmeric grown and dried by Within Radius

Dried Turmeric

Our dried turmeric is our flagship product. It is of the highest quality and is completely pure. Our turmeric is free from additives such as metanil yellow colouring (a principal non-permitted food colour that can result in neurotoxicity in both developing and adult brains if consumed over a long period. It is used extensively in some countries but is illegal in Australia).

We process a limited amount of turmeric each year. This limited production cycle allows us to maintain control over the quality of the end product. We pride ourselves on the fact that our turmeric contains nothing but turmeric.

Peeled turmeric rhizomes
Hand-peeled turmeric rhizomes ready for drying.

Our turmeric is dried within two to three days of harvest (as per Indian Government standards). This short time between harvest and the final product is minimal, ensuring a high-end, fragrant and vibrant product with a long shelf life.

ALL herbs, spices and herbal infusions that are imported into Australia are irradiated. Our turmeric is NOT! Please note the Australian Government states there is no scientific evidence to show irradiated food is harmful. That said, our policy is to do nothing (outside the natural drying process) to our turmeric. If you would like information on irradiated food please see the Government website.